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Monday, May 29th, 2023

I can hardly believe it's been seven years since I became an affiliated business of PD/GO Digital Markting headquartered in Vero Beach. My company is and we offer a full range of services. 

What do you think is the biggest information and advertising source for businesses today? Would you agree that it is the Internet?

The use of websites and the Internet for everything imaginable has only continued to grown and provide  new services and products we have come to use on a daily basis.  

We believe in providing content managment solutions so that once we build your website, we an easily train you how to make updates yourself. Our Version 4 software is better than ever and is frequently being improved and tweaked. 

Check out some of recent websites we have done here:

We also now offer starter websites for the young professional or new business that needs to have an online presence but needs to control the initial cost. See examples here:

And did you know that websites are now required to be ADA compliant? In fact, your business could be saddled with a costly lawsuit.  We can build an ADA compliant website for you and keep it updated. Learn more here:

The tech world and websites are constantly changing with services that can be provided, new methods of displaying your image and the need for better security, to name a few things.

Do you have an SSL certificate for your website? That is indicated when you website address is https://   not just http.  Google wants to promote the security of the Internet and this is one step in that direction. And to push webmasters to update  their websites, Google has begun flagging websites that are not secure with a message to the user that could cause them to leave your website before they enter. Read more here: 

The Florida Legislature recently enacted a law  (House Bill 653) that states that a condominium associaton with more than 150 units must have a secure website and each owner must have a unique login and password. 

To meet that need we are now pleased to offer a simple and inexpensive solution : MyCommunityDocument.  Please call me for more information. 

We have another new e-commerce service that we will be unveiling soon: GoShop.

Our current system offers e-commerce as well but our new system is made for the small business owner who needs to start small and grow. 

Give us acall. We'd love to help you be a player in the digital world we live in.  



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